W6BHZ maintains cross-linked repeaters on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. Both repeaters are located in the Administration Building on the Cal Poly campus. The 2 meter repeater is a Kenwood TKR-750, installed in September 2004. The 70 centimeter repeater is a Kenwood TKR-850, and it was installed in June 2004. The DMR hotspot is a Raspbery Pi running Pi-Star, and was installed January 2019. It has limited range, and is most accessible from the Shack and Courtyard.


Mode Band Frequency Offset PL Tone (Hz) Status Location
FM 2 meters (VHF) 146.760 MHz -600KHz 91.5 in, 127.3 out Operational Administration Building
FM 70 centimeters (UHF) 442.300 MHz +5MHz 127.3 Operational Administration Building
DMR 70 centimeters (UHF) 447.50 MHz     Operational CPARC Shack, Bldg 20, Rm 123

W6BHZ Repeater GPS Coordinates: 35.301314 N, 120.658565 W



Repeater Coverage Maps:

(courtesy of K5EHX and KD2BD)


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Interactive Map

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The System:


Power comes from a large 13.8V 100A 3-stage power supply used to power all of the public safety radios up at the site. Also connected to the power supply is 800AH of batteries used for when the AC goes offline. The entire building is backed up with a generator.


The 440 cans can be seen at the very top of the picture, and the 440 RX passcan is on the right side. The 440 IM panel is in the center of the picture with the black mount, and the 2m IM panel is at the bottom of the picture.
This is the Linkcomm (now Audio Test Solutions, Inc.) RLC-Club Deluxe II and the Dongle DVR.