Weekly ARES Net

The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club's shack is a registered Emergency Communications Center, so every week we check in to the county-wide ARES net as a club. At 7:30pm every Tuesday night, tune your radio to the club's repeater. The net control operator for the local ARES net will check in local club members. Club members are encouraged to check in so that they can test the range of their station.

If you are interested in ARES communications, the county-wide ARES net is at 7:45pm every Tuesday night, after the local ARES net. It operates on the Tassajara Peak repeaters at 146.670MHz (negative offset) and 443.975MHz (positive offset). A repeater is also maintained on Mt. Lowe at 147.360MHz (positive offset). All repeaters have a 127.3 PL tone. There is no need to check in individually on the county-wide net if you already checked in on the local net.